Monday, April 27, 2015

Only 4 Days Left to Save on Black Fashion Fair Exclusives!

Grab This Fab Leather Jacket At The Black Fashion Fair - Photo by Guen Gothly
Have you been to Black Fashion Fair yet??

It's 2 full sims of dark-tacular fashion from all styles & genres of designers across the grid. Dark Passions is there with  2 new leather jackets and 2 new nail appliers in 2 versions Slink & Maitreya that I'm sure your inner darkness will desire.

Event: Black Fashion Fair
Dates: April 17 - May1, 2015
Save 20% On All Dark Passions Event Exclusives
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Black Fashion Fair Event Exclusives

Koffin Nails - Slink - Dark Unicorn Koffin Nails - Slink - Musette's Manus

Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Dark Unicorn Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Musette's Manus

Dark Passions - Feliciaa - Leather Jacket Dark Passions - Feliciaa - Leather & Metal Plated Jacket

Friday, April 24, 2015

Are You Ready For Some Spooky Cutieness?

As Dark Passions has taken a mystical trip into the realm of pastel goth, I thought it appropriate to take part in a new event called Spooky Cutie!

This is a bi-weekly event for those that love the dark in spooky in a cute and playful way. Dark Passions as a new nail set for this event. It blends black glitter and coffins with soft pastels and they work well on all nail lengths as I tried them out to make sure even those that like to sharpen their nails to a point will be happy. These are available in both Slink and Maitreya for 99L each.

Event: Spooky Cute
Dates: April 24 - May 2
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Geek vs Hipster Cart Sale Starts Today!

Time to bring out your inner-geek at the Geek vs. Hipster Cart Sale! Sorry I don't have much for hipsters at my booth. You can save up to 50% at my booth and others. My exclusive item is 25% off while all my other items pictured above are 50% off at this event only.

My Exclusive is for the Retro Gamer Geek crowd. Yes... It's time for a Pac-man"icure"!
This item is only for slink for now. If enough beg me for Maitreya it may happen. If you use the new v2 HUD that came in your slink update you can have fun making your own video game map on your nails. How fun is that?

Event Dates: April 20 - May , 2015
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Official Sales Event Sponsor

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Belleza Nail Appliers Now ONLY By Request or Special Cosmetic Events!

Announcement to Belleza Nail Applier Customers:

I've decided to no longer create new Belleza Nail Appliers for new appliers coming out. Why? To put it bluntly they are not selling well. I thought I would give it a try and see how it goes but after several events and releases in my store since Jan/Feb. of this year I've not seen sales pick up on them. They have only sold really well at cosmetic events so I may continue to create them for similar cosmetic events only.

But I really like your Belleza appliers what can't I do?

I will still make them by request only.  This means contact me via notecard with the applier you would like to have. Keep in mind MOST Slink & Maitreya versions can be made for Belleza but not all Special versions may not work due to Belleza not having the same options and abilities to have different textures on each finger. Payment may be required prior to converting your item to Belleza.

You can find all Belleza appliers I have or will have in the future on Marketplace.
(FYI There are a few more missing on MP that will be added later)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dark Passions Is An Offical World Goth Fair Sponsor This Year!

Be still my vampire heart, I opened my email this morning to a bat-tastic surprise!
Dark Passions will be at this years World Goth Fair and not only that I will be a sponsor this year!! I don't get many sponsor spots for big events and this being the gothiest of all my fave events I'm super stoked about this! I hope everyone will check this event out. I'm thinking of not taking on anymore events for May other than what I have accepted up to this point because I really want to focus my energy on bringing not only some gothy goodness for your nails but also in my clothing lines especially for men... yeah you heard me MEN!

Keep up with all the World Goth Fair news HERE

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Review Of Slink's New v2 Hand & Feet HUD In slGoth Magazine

Hand Pose By Signature Pose (Click The Image To Buy)

Did you update your slink hands and feet since the huge update last month?

If you didn't, you don't know what you are missing out on! Even if you did update your HUD maybe you are unsure if you know many of the new key features. If you need help understanding the update for nail lovers then you are in luck.

Dark Passions owner Bcreative Wilde took some time from her busy schedule to review some of the features and cool things you can do with the new v2 Hands & Feet HUD in the new Slink update. Sorry I don't want to spoil all the fun of the article here. So you will have to read more in slGoth.

Where can you read more about this?
  • Grab the April 2015 issue of slGoth in world at most at the slGoth Headquaters or Goth stores & businesses in SL
Pick it up on the front counter at Dark Passions Main Store

Featured in issue No. 14:
"An interview featuring with DEADPOOL, Fear of the Fool / Aura Fitzgerald, Sharpen Your Nails / Bcreative Wilde, Life on the Lam / Tara De Vries, The Daring Life… Trolley Trollop, Lolita Style / MOEKO, Update or Die / Spike Clemenceau, Ghostly Advice / Liza Veliz.. FREE Gift “Sword in the Darkness” by TfAtN."
April's Cover Of slGoth

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dark Passions At The 100 Block

Dark Passions has more Goth pastel goodies for you at 100 Block and I even have a Nail Set the guys might like. All Exclusives are 50% off at this event so don't miss out! You can get the nail set with the matching top for less than the regular price of the top.

Exclusives Include:
  • Carmen - Melting Spirit Pastel Crop top - 5 Standard Sizes ( 100L Sale Price )
  • DP - Koffin Nails - Slink - Melting Spirit (50L Sale Price)
  • DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Melting Spirit (50L Sale Price)
  • DP - Koffin Nails - Belleza - Melting Spirit (50L Sale Price)
  • DP - Koffin Nails - Slink - Hot Rod 50s Flames (50L Sale Price)
  • DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Hot Rod 50s Flames (50L Sale Price)
  • DP - Koffin Nails - Belleza - Hot Rod 50s Flames (50L Sale Price)
Event Dates: April 9 - 30, 2015
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Koffin Nails - Slink -  Melting Spirit - Pastel   Koffin Nails - Slink -Hot Rod 50s Flames

Monday, April 6, 2015

Forever Rockabilly Hunt Starts Today!

I hope you're ready to rock your inner cherry bomb!

Because Dark Passions is a part of the Forever Rockabilly Hunt . Not only that but we are also a proud sponsor pf this Hunt by Sisters Choice Hunts (SCHunts). There are actually 2  hunt prizes on the menu this round. There are 2 appliers to hunt for but they both have the same textures. One is for Slink and one is for Maitreya. Yes, Because I'm evil you have to hunt for both. The hints are not that hard I promise!

Dark Passions is #4 on the list but don't just stop there feel free to check them all out. The hunt includes 30 designers and has anything from furniture, clothing, cosmetics and even some items for the guys.

Hunt Dates: April 6-27, 2015
Price: 2L (per item)

Dark Passion hints:
  • Hint A. (Slink version) This little birdy likes to hide out near the slink items with roses.
  • Hint B. (Maitreya version) This little birdy likes the color purple & likes to fly outdoors.
Maitreya Version Not  Shown But They Look The Same
The appliers included are only available as Slink & Maitreya appliers ( each hunted separately).
You must own the Slink nails/hands or Maitreya body to be able to use these appliers.
Dark Passions only makes appliers for Mesh body parts.

Now.. Get ready... Start your engines..... and  GO HUNT!

Return of the JELLYBEAN!

The Original & First Ripped Fishnet Nail Appliers In SL
You now have less than 14 hours to grab this little jem at the front desk of the main store location only! This limited edition colored set of Fishnet Fetish was sold last spring for only 15 days. I thought that some of my newer & older customers that may have missed this deserved a little Easter treat with it's return from it's jellybean color tomb.

Get it at it's original price of 99L which is a bargain for something so limited.
Only available April 5 - 6th, 2015 for 48 hours (or until I wake up to take it down on the 7th).
Grab It Here

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Great 24 Hour CasperTech Easter Egg Hunt!

Also Available in Maitreya & Belleza Versions

Get Hopping!!!......
You now have (less than) 24 hours to get lots of free items in the Great CasperTech Grid-Wide Easter Egg hunt!

It seemed to be a last minute announcement as most merchants didn't find out about the hunt until Friday but it also seemed like great fun. Instead of just putting regular item out Dark Passions decided to make you something new that works for Easter, Spring and year round if you like wonderland, rabbits or pastels.

For one day only you can get these for FREE if you are willing to hunt them. After the Event they will be available in store for 99L.

Over 150 stores joined up to make this hunt one of the biggest 24 hour egg hunts in SL.  Many stores have more than on egg to hunt. Dark Passions has 3 one for each applier type.
Get The Complete List of Stores Participating!

Hint for Dark Passions:
Behind Each Doorway You May Find Opportunity ( hint goes for all 3 eggs)
Don't have time to hunt and want to get them anyway?
Purchase them the SL Marketplace:

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Little Sideshow - Redux Cart Sale

The Dark Passions Cart At The Event

Spring is here and it's time for a sale!

Dark Passions has 9 discounted nail appliers for Slink and one gacha full of cute but creepy hanging bear mouth jewelry at the Little Sideshow's 1st Annual - Redux Cart Sale. All items are 50L on the DP cart.
You can see some of the items I have for sale on the image above. So you can see them a little better I've provided links to the full line up on Flickr so you can see what you can save on at the event.

All items below are 50L at the Redux Cart Sale:
Looks like if it has tentacles and in my store it's definitely at the sale.

Dates: April 3rd - 10th
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 From the Facebook Sale Advertisement:
"The Nuvoletta sim is proud to host its first annual Redux Cart Sale!!! Nothing over 50L, gachas, and goodies from designers all over the grid! So come check it out, and see what everyone has to offer From April 3rd-10th! Designer List: The Little Bat, Kita's Sideshow, Twenty13, Zombie Suicide, Gothyrotica, Macabre, Dark Passions, Freekz, Velvet, Lil Things, Ruckus, Revolver, Biscuit Clothing, Elation, Venomous Rage Designs, Flutters, Moeko, Carmel Fusion, RM Creations, Zesty, Designs by Starla, Savoha, and Kwubble!"

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Treat Yourself To Some Pastel Goth This Easter.

Image By Shari Cortes

Did you miss out on Suicide Dollz or the Luck of the Irish Gacha this round?
Don't worry the items have made their way home to to the main store and marketplace.
Who needs pastel Easter bunnies when you can have bats!?
The shirt comes with a texture changer HUD with 6 choices of  pastel and on some the bat glitter changes from purple, pink or blue/green. Grab it for 200L$ in store. Gifting is also available.

Don't forget there is a pastel goth goth gacha with nails that match for 50L a play!

Get it at the Main Store
Buy it on Marketplace