Saturday, July 23, 2016

Getting A Little Batty @ Buy Now!

Dark Passions is once again a part of Buy Now! this July. Earlier we featured the "True Patriot" set  but now it's time to get a little batty! Cute batty that is because "On Wednesday" we wear glitter bats!

Unique part of this event is no teleporting just log into MP and get your goodies!

Links for shopping:
Note: Buy Now Items stay on Marketplace and will not be added to the Main Store. Sometimes they may appear at events if the theme calls for it but I intend on making them MP Exclusive for the most part.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Free & Fabulous July/Aug Group Gift @ Dark Passions

It's time for some free goodies!! Who doesn't love that?
This item only comes in a Fatpack and is only available for free during July/Aug.*

Two Ways to collect:
  • If you are a BUY NOW! Group Member you can get it at the Member Area.
    To the Buy Now Office
  • If you are a Dark Passions VIP Group Member, Go to the Main Store and find the group freebie wall.
  • In both situations you must wear the correct group to get it.
See how great they look on!

*After August it may or may not appear on MP for a small fee.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dark Passions @ Mesh Body Addicts - July Round

Walk like a zombie over to Mesh Body addicts for some new pretties for your tips & toes. This round I have 2 new items. One featured above has several peacock feather designs with a touch of classy to fantasy so it's great for the girl next door or the night on the town.

I also have a set for those that enjoy the magical witchy side. This new set is called Wiccan Essentials. It includes a set of wiccan symbols which are fun to mix and match if you have the newest version of your slink hands. The maitreya version includes 4 mystery mixes plus the regular same design per tip. As an added bonus if you happen to have the Goth Macabre set you can mix and match this set as I made the colors/stylization match on purpose.

FYI I was trying out some new packaging and a new vendor system at this event. Some of my HUDs are no copy due to design that I can't change. If you don't get the items in the box please rez it and get them. If it looks like the items are missing look in your objects folder and move them over to the folder it created with the NC. I know it's confusing but it is how LL scripting works. I may just go back to the old packing as so many seem to not understand how it works. Feel free to leave your opinion on the new packing. If you need it redelivered a this time you nee to send me a NC to do so as it's taking some time to get the new system up and the redeliver at the main store will not show this item til I exchange the systems fully.

Event: Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly - July 2016
Dates: July 10 - 31, 2016

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