Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dark Passions @ Genre & 20Twenty

Image By Arya McLeod - Nails Featured: Night Shade
This post is combining 2 events. These are ones I like to take part in when I can. They both run monthly. Genre has fun themes to challenge my creativity while 20Twenty allows designers to relax a bit and create what they want.

At both of these events you will save 20%. That is part of the rules of 20Twenty but with Genre I just like tempting you to visit the event and see all the other goodies there too.

Event: 20Twenty
Location: Mainstore (Shop n Sim Hop Event)
Discount: 20% off from all Designers
Dates: April 20 - May 10, 2016
Event Shopping Guide:

To Dark Passions

Event: Genre
Theme: Belle Epoque
Discount: 20% Off
Dates: April 15 - May 11
Event Shopping Guide:

To Genre

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016

Image By  BrookLynn Darkthorn - Nails Featured: Cat's Eye
Fantasy Faire is here & there's not that much time left!
If you haven't been there yet or have never been to the Fantasy Faire in SL then make sure you take a peek even if it is to just one of the many sims of this huge and amazing event. This is my first time at Fantasy Fair as a designer.

All Designers have 2 new exclusives that give 100% to Relay For Life but there's so much more like silent & live auctions, activities, a hunt not to mention lots and lots to explore in each sim.

This event I have 2 new fantasy style nail appliers. Sorry for the event these are only available in Fatpacks but good news I knocked 75L off the regular price so you can grab these for 200L. Saving & Giving is a great combo!

Event: Fantasy Faire 2016
Dates: April 21- May 1
Exclusives give 100% to Relay For Life
Event Website:

To Dark Passions' Location @ FF2016

Group Gift @ Dark Passions

Image By Melyna Foxclaw  - Nails Featured: Purple Rain
A small tribute that I think needs no explanation. I was asked by several customers if I could make something purple in tribute so this is what I came up with. I hope you like them. I decided to put them on the group gift wall at the main store but you can also get them for a small fee on MP. The group gift & bargain wall is to the right when you enter the doorway of the store on the wall next to the steps that lead to the nail section. Group is required to get this item.

**Group Perk Update**

While I'm speaking of the group gift I might as well inform you of some changes I made to the group recently.
  1. New Group Fee will be 50L as of Apirl 1,2016 - As you can see I plan on giving away lots of goodies and discounts so I think this fee is more than fair and it's a one time fee as long as you stay in the group.
  2. All members of the group now get 50L gift cards given out 3 times a year. This Replaces getting 13L a month in store credit. The group is getting too big for me to do the 13L credit in a timely fashion. The group free gift card months will be announced soon. You must pick up this card during the time frame announced to the group if you miss it I will not issue them after announced dates. This way active SLers get it as a gift. You can combine Gift Cards with your own L$ when purchasing but you can not combine gift cards or other store credit. Sorry it's just the way it works.
  3. Tri-monthly Free secret-code vendor gift (code will be given in group so check notices) I have tried this once and I think many of you enjoyed it. The code is given on the honor system. It is a secret code that you can share with non members but please don't publish it on social media or it will no longer be a "Secret Code." You can however explain how they can get the secret code on social media. Anyone caught publishing the code for all the see will be removed from the group for spoiling the fun.
  4. Monthly/Bi-Monthly Dark Passions News & Shopping lists!
  5. More random giveaways & special sale fun to be added! Always pay attention to group chat sometimes I give away things randomly!
**Subcriber Perks**
  1. Tri-monthly free secret-code send via the subscriber as a thank you for staying informed. This code is only sent one time via a NC. This is why it is best to stay in the group to get it as you can check past notices in group.
  2. Monthly/Bi-Monthly Dark Passions News & Shopping lists!
Why don't subscribers get more perks? Well the group does cost something to join so they get more perks and my vendor system can't give discounts to subscribers

Event: Group Gift
Dates: None
Only available as a FatPack
Get it at Dark Passions for Free (Group Required)
Get it on MarketPlace for 65L

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dark Passions @ Black Fashion Fair

Image By LylWitch Resident - Nails Featured: Black on Black

The darkness is upon us, Black Fashion Fair is open!

Black you say.... then black you shall have! This round I did a set I've been wanting to do for quite awhile which was a basic black set but then I threw in a few of your favorite designs and worked some black on black magic to bring you the ultimate black nail set. I have basic black from matte, semi gloss to gloss and some mix and match black and matte designs in this set. I know if you are a fan of black nails you must have this in your nail collection.

I also added 2 other sets here one is a very funky op-art design called "Entrapped Noir" and I even have a 1L$ gift this round which is a FatPack called "Aged To Perfection". To find the gift look for the gift box in the middle of the room. Image of the gift is in front of it.

Hope you enjoy the blackness I've brought this round!

Event: Black Fashion Fair
Dates: April 15 - 29, 2016
Bonus 1L Gift At Event

Visit The Event

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Event - Dark Passions

The last few months I've been taking part in several charity events. Most of these have been for Relay For Life but this time I took the time to help the family of one of SLs own. As much as I enjoy giving to organizations like RFL it feels even better to giver direct to someone you know or that your friends know.

I was asked by several blogger friends to join up with this event and even though I don't know the family personally after just hearing about the situation I couldn't ignore it. If you would like to read more about the story behind the event see the link in the event details area.

You will find one new release from Dark Passions here. It's more of a recolor by request but I'm sure many of you will enjoy it. It's called "Hope In Purple". It only comes in the fat pack but it's priced at only 60L. All other older FatPacks found at this event are marked down to 200L and all proceeds go to help Huntar and his family.

Only 2 days left so please stop by even if it is to drop off a donation!

Event: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Dates: April 20 - April 27
FB Info:
Donate Direct:
All items give 100% proceeds to event charity
Discount: All older FatPacks discounted by 75L off (Reg Price 275L)

To The Event

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dark Passions @ Dark Side

Image by violette ravinelli - Nails Featured: Raven Wings
Have you visited the Dark Side yet?

The Dark Side opened April 9 and runs until the 30th. There are lots of 10L gifts there from ever designer's booth. So this is definitely a bargain hunters heaven.

In this event the designers could choose the dark or light side I of course jumped for the dark side of evil goodness. I have one new item called Raven Wings as well as the 10L gifty. The 10L gift is called "What's Your Poison?". It will be available after the event but you will only be able to get it for 10L at Dark Side. It's a FatPack so you don't want to miss it!

Event: Dark Side
Dates: April 9-30, 2016
Deals: 10L gift at every vendor spot

To the Event

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Sale Returns @ Dark Passions

Time for some Saturday Savings!

Grab these as part of the Saturday Sale this weekend at Dark Passions!

This round I have a NEW RELEASE for you! Grab each of your fave applier versions for 75L each. Sorry there is no FatPack included in this sale but grabbing all 3 is cheaper than the regular price of the fatpack. A Fatpack will appear after this weekend.
Remember I usually pull them Monday morning so if you missed it on Saturday you can still get it on Sunday.

Grab them at Dark Passions!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Saturday Sale @ Dark Passions

Time for some Spring Time Savings!

Grab these as part of the Saturday Sale this weekend at Dark Passions!

Both Special Versions of  Retro Love & Hate Tattoo nails are only 75L (regular main store price 150L each). Remember I usually pull them Monday morning so if you missed it on Saturday you can still get it on Sunday.

Grab them at Dark Passions!